WFA Global – Ravi Bhagavatula2

“We typically use lots of spreadsheets in our firm and it was becoming difficult to have a robust application platform to develop and execute systematic trading strategies using API of broker dealers. We needed a reliable solution. Beehyv provided a comprehensive python based solution that can easily integrate with our existing systems and also with all open source AI libraries and proprietary spreadsheet based complex models.

Beehyv added two dimensions for us:

– Competence to understand and devise a scalable python based solution for our problem.

– As a reliable IT development partner, ability to integrate with new UI technologies as they evolve so that we stay state of the art.

If a complex problem is at hand, Beehyv’s team can help your firm develop a prototype quickly and provide a liftoff to your project so that ideas come into fruition for effective execution.”

Simplifeye – Anshuman Bansal2

“We found Beehyv team to be very dedicated and technically proficient. We were impressed with their professionalism and no-nonsense attitude towards work throughout the engagement period. We highly recommend them for scientific and engineering related software development.”

Trupik – Sridhar Tirumala2

“Beehyv, has been a true partner to our start-up. It is a real testament to their professionalism and commitment that the team at Trupik, considers the team at Beehyv as a true extension of our company. Beehyv team has consistently proven their grit to us and delivered time and again amidst stress and tight deadlines. Any member of the team that comes in to meet our needs tend to get up to speed pretty quickly to start contributing. This could be due to the fact that they have a large repertoire of expertise in various different fields, frameworks and technologies. A notable accomplishment that we still reap the benefits of is our lead engineer from Beehyv solved a load bearing problem making our production server really efficient. They continue to prove their versatility as they meet a variety of our needs, be it in building our backend system from scratch, dev-ops, app development, website implementation or big data analytics. We are very glad that we found Beehyv as our partners.”

Ellipsis Health – Mainul Islam2

“As an early stage start up, we experienced high demand for rapid development but were limited by our resources. Thanks to the Beehyv team we were able to quickly build out our MVP and address client needs far faster than expected. Their front end engineers helped turn our vision into a beautiful platform and their back-end engineers worked well with our team to integrate and build out our platform functionality. Their team was very professional through our bi-weekly check-ins and were flexible in adapting to the task management platforms we used (JIRA). We have enjoyed working with them and would be happy to recommend them to any tech firm!”

BlueYield – Jeffrey Danford2

“BeeHyv provided us with top notch software engineers to build our product. We deal with a sophisticated set of technologies to process unstructured data. BeeHyv’s engineers are sound in software development, versatile and skilled in multiple technology platforms. Not only does BeeHyv provide good engineers; they have senior people guiding them when required. Their management is very flexible and accommodative when working with start-ups. I strongly recommend them if you are looking for an outsourcing partner for developing your software.

Nodality – David C. Spellmeyer2

“Nodality is pleased to be working with BeeHyv in developing software tools to manage our inventory and laboratory work flows. We are a startup biotech company faced with constantly evolving research lab processes, shifting user requirements, rapid release processes, and specialized instrumentation. We also work in a regulated environment, requiring constrained releases with the highest levels of software engineering practices and software validation. The BeeHyv team was willing to work collaboratively with us in this dynamic environment. They rapidly learned the domain knowledge unique to our technology. Together, we have expanded and improved a number of customized features for our scientists, enabling substantial efficiencies in our research laboratories. BeeHyv has done very well at working remotely and collaboratively with our in-house team through televideo conferencing. They bring excellent technical and project leadership expertise to the project and the transition of our programming effort to BeeHyv went smoothly. BeeHyv has helped us increase our productivity both for our software environment while simultaneously keeping within our tight budgetary constraints.”

Change Sciences – Steve Ellis2

“BeeHyv manages to attract and retain top developer talent despite a very tight market. They have people with diverse skill sets, covering all the platforms well. Without fail every member of the team is simply great to work with. They have proven themselves on complex assignments. I look forward to our next collaboration.”
(written in 2015)

“BeeHyv went way beyond just implementing our spec. They fully internalized our requirements and added a tremendous amount of value to both the architecture and implementation.”
(written in 2008)

Alation – Venky2

Beehyv has been a reliable development partner for several years. They have successfully delivered on several diverse projects which spanned core product development, testing, and DevOps. Both our teams have been able to successfully collaborate despite time zone differences.

Chowbotics – Hamid Sani2

Our startup builds robots that dispense fresh food. The first challenge we faced with building a lean startup was having access to superstars for an affordable price. The second challenge was that because we are a startup, our technology stack was not mature and required time to be shaped over years.

BeeHyv addressed our issues by allowing us to tap into their large selection of talents that covered a large set of technology stacks. They also enabled us to ramp up and down our resources based on our business needs. Currently, we have contractors from BeeHyv that have been part of our startup for over 2 years and are an integral member of our development team.

– Another factor about BeeHyv’s large talent pool, is the ability for contractors that are helping our startup to brainstorm ideas with other developers at BeeHyv. In a startup where development is very expensive and making the wrong decision on a technology stack can be very costly, it allowed us to not only have our dedicated contractors but then by proxy have access to a much larger brain pool.

– BeeHyv contracts have worked on a lot of different technologies and projects, so they tend to have a very diverse skillset.

– I have worked with other contracting companies before, but BeeHyv has surprising very little overhead. That means you have raw access to the contractors that are dedicated to your team/project.

BluBracket – Payman Kamali2

“We’ve been working with BeeHyv now for about a year and a half, and we’ve had a tremendous amount of success with BeeHyv, and just how smooth and easy everything’s gone, and we’ve been able to deliver our GA product on time and build other great features with their help. Initially when we reached out to BeeHyv, we had the challenge of figuring out how to deliver our beta with the feature set that we needed by early 2020 and also get to the milestone of delivering a really solid GA by the end of the first quarter of 2020.”
“We were able to work with BeeHyv ahead of time, build the features that we needed, and get to the two milestones and deliver that really solid GA feature set that we were looking for. So, everything worked out as planned and it was a really great experience.”