Trupik – Sridhar Tirumala

“Beehyv, has been a true partner to our start-up. It is a real testament to their professionalism and commitment that the team at Trupik, considers the team at Beehyv as a true extension of our company. Beehyv team has consistently proven their grit to us and delivered time and again amidst stress and tight deadlines. Any member of the team that comes in to meet our needs tend to get up to speed pretty quickly to start contributing. This could be due to the fact that they have a large repertoire of expertise in various different fields, frameworks and technologies. A notable accomplishment that we still reap the benefits of is our lead engineer from Beehyv solved a load bearing problem making our production server really efficient. They continue to prove their versatility as they meet a variety of our needs, be it in building our backend system from scratch, dev-ops, app development, website implementation or big data analytics. We are very glad that we found Beehyv as our partners.”