UF – Eric Jorge Nelson2

“Our team at Stanford University is asking how we might leverage technology to better respond to infectious disease outbreak.  We chose cholera outbreaks as a model system to rapidly test and iterate a new approach to improve quality of care, access to care, and our capacity to respond to outbreaks.  To do this we needed a technology partner that could offer a superior product within the confines of a limited budget.  Beehyv has proven itself as a valuable member of our team and has enabled us to meet the goals of all of our design requirements.  They needed to be flexible which proved to be critical to success.  For example, we needed to build the user interface with our core team at Stanford and then contract with Beehyv to build the designs.  There were many iterations spanning many continents, but they were able to adjust to these needs and still produce the product.  The most important topic is that Beehyv proved that it is committed to the Social mission to improve life for all people, including those living in poverty.  This commitment to a common social mission was the second secret to success. We look forward to working with Beehyv in the future, and we are happy to field questions other customers may have.

Conflict of interest statement:  The team led by Dr. Eric J. Nelson, MD PhD at Stanford has no financial investment in Beehyv Inc.  The intellectual property generated in partnership with Beehyv Inc. is the sole property of Stanford University.”