Nodality – David C. Spellmeyer2

“Nodality is pleased to be working with BeeHyv in developing software tools to manage our inventory and laboratory work flows. We are a startup biotech company faced with constantly evolving research lab processes, shifting user requirements, rapid release processes, and specialized instrumentation. We also work in a regulated environment, requiring constrained releases with the highest levels of software engineering practices and software validation. The BeeHyv team was willing to work collaboratively with us in this dynamic environment. They rapidly learned the domain knowledge unique to our technology. Together, we have expanded and improved a number of customized features for our scientists, enabling substantial efficiencies in our research laboratories. BeeHyv has done very well at working remotely and collaboratively with our in-house team through televideo conferencing. They bring excellent technical and project leadership expertise to the project and the transition of our programming effort to BeeHyv went smoothly. BeeHyv has helped us increase our productivity both for our software environment while simultaneously keeping within our tight budgetary constraints.”