Chowbotics – Hamid Sani2


Our startup builds robots that dispense fresh food. The first challenge we faced with building a lean startup was having access to superstars for an affordable price. The second challenge was that because we are a startup, our technology stack was not mature and required time to be shaped over years.

BeeHyv addressed our issues by allowing us to tap into their large selection of talents that covered a large set of technology stacks. They also enabled us to ramp up and down our resources based on our business needs. Currently, we have contractors from BeeHyv that have been part of our startup for over 2 years and are an integral member of our development team.

– Another factor about BeeHyv’s large talent pool, is the ability for contractors that are helping our startup to brainstorm ideas with other developers at BeeHyv. In a startup where development is very expensive and making the wrong decision on a technology stack can be very costly, it allowed us to not only have our dedicated contractors but then by proxy have access to a much larger brain pool.

– BeeHyv contracts have worked on a lot of different technologies and projects, so they tend to have a very diverse skillset.

– I have worked with other contracting companies before, but BeeHyv has surprising very little overhead. That means you have raw access to the contractors that are dedicated to your team/project.