Startups and ISV’s

Technology partner for start-ups
and ISVs – from ideas to launch

Hi-tech start-ups and ISV’s create impact by innovating to solve the next gen business problems. They require highly skilled and capable engineers to work on their product. Building a team of such engineers is not easy.


BeeHyv understands your challenges and provides you with extremely capable teams and specialized SQUADs to accelerate your release cycles and reduce time-to-market. We help you prototype and try out new ideas quickly, pick the right technology stack, come up with the best design, create awesome user experiences, write high-quality code, automate testing and deployment, launch your app and provide production support.


We reduce your burden of execution and let you focus your efforts on innovating and identifying market opportunities.

  • Jumpstart Product Development
  • Co-creation & Co-development
  • Technological experimentation and prototyping
  • Build a solid and robust core technology framework
  • Accelerate product roadmap
  • Bouquet of services – Design, Code, Test, Deploy, Support
  • Complete bouquet of services – partners at all stages of your product lifecycle
  • Co-development and augmentation of technical capabilities
  • Accelerate product roadmap – pack more into your releases
  • Specialized SQUADs for achieving targeted outcomes
  • Re-platforming/Technology modernization and migration of legacy products


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