Social Sector

Co-creating tech with non-profits for deep impact

Technology plays an important role in improving the lives of people and delivering social justice at scale. We co-create digital solutions with our not-for-profit partners, universities, government agencies and donors to amplify the impact of their programs. We have built highly scalable, interoperable, sustainable and maintainable software in low resource settings for multiple programs in the areas of healthcare, nutrition, sanitation, education and human rights. For example, we have built and continue to support a program that has reached 10 million beneficiaries across 13 different states in India.


If you are a not-for-profit looking for a reliable, capable and proven technology partner, please do get in touch with us and it will be our pleasure to work with you.

  • Strong and in-depth expertise in open source technology platforms and enterprise software. Contributed code to several open source projects.
  • Proven ability in taking pilots to scale,transitioning to government, sustain and support these programs for years.
  • Built web and mobile apps, IVR and SMS based applications, mTraining solutions, MIS and visual dashboards in both connected and low-resource settings.
  • Extensive experience in building high-performance MIS for large scale programs.
  • Our solutions take into consideration geographic, linguistic, connectivity and literacy barriers.
  • Effectively worked with multiple stakeholders on many successful programs.
  • Scoped, benchmarked and deployed hardware and software for large scale solutions in government data centers and private cloud.
  • Provide SLA based level 1, 2 & 3 support for data centre and cloud deployments.
  • Support security audits, upgrades of software, implement data security and compliance with local legislation.


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