Mobile application development

Mobile application development

Mobile development typically involves developing applications that utilize a network connection to work with remote computing resources. The process involves creating installable software bundles(mobile apps) for devices, implementing backend services such as data access with an API, and testing the application on multiple target devices.


In low resource settings, the application data is typically stored on local storage and the app is fully functional even without a data network. A data sync mechanism needs to be implemented which ensures that when a network is available the local data is made consistent with that on the server.


With BeeHyv’s Agile approach, we help drive innovation within product firms and enterprises by building Native and Hybrid mobile applications.

Our offerings and the problems we solve

  • Design and implement mobile applications suitable for most used operating systems. 
  • Building Applications that are compatible with various versions of operating systems and support for maximum resolutions
  • Designing and developing Native, Hybrid, cross-platform and Progressive web applications which are compatible with trending operating systems
  • Re-platforming of legacy enterprise applications taking complexities of background jobs, multiple applications and systems into consideration in a seamless fashion.
    • Migrating UI/UX to the latest frameworks with test driven development and maximum code coverage with ionic,react native, flutter, Java, Kotlin, Swift and Objective C
    • Optimizing the traditional data fetch mechanisms for better User Experience like data fetch with Background Services and client side database to support offline modes.
    • Extensive experience in building Offline applications with sync mechanisms
    • Extensive experience in building applications with location and gallery data.
    • Extensive experience in implementing Internationalization to existing applications
    • Extensive experience in building optimized applications with load and performances tests integrated
    • Extensive experience in publishing Apps to App Stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store
    • Upgrading technologies used in applications taking security, modularity, cost, scalability and performance into consideration


  • Java, Kotlin based Android Apps
  • Objective C, Swift based iOS Apps
  • Flutter, Ionic, React Native and Xamarin based Hybrid Apps and PWAs
  • Expertise in building map driven user interfaces using Google Maps API and GeoJSON
  • Experience working with PaaS using firebase as backend
  • Deployed many apps to the play store
  • Animations and visualizations using Native libraries
  • Offline and Online Mobile applications with seamless crossover between the two modes

Technologies, Platforms and Frameworks

Android (Java and Kotlin)

iOS (Swift and Objective-C)




Android Jetpack


Retrofit 2







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