Large Enterprises

Digital transformation and product incubation for large enterprises

Every large enterprise has legacy applications and products that need to be modernized and re-platformed to be competitive and leverage the rapidly evolving technological landscape and capabilities. Migrating customers and their data to newer platforms is non-trivial. Most often, migration happens in stages, with some components continuing to be on older technologies. Migrating large enterprise applications and products to newer platforms requires the nimbleness of a start-up as well as the maturity of a large firm. Re-skilling people in newer technologies is a time consuming process.


BeeHyv works with the R&D and Forward Engineering divisions of large enterprises involved in digital transformation in their enterprises. We have a unique advantage of having worked with several high-technology start-ups and being involved in their growth.

  • Migrating products and solutions to cloud platforms
  • Architecture modernization using microservices for scalability, cost efficiency, performance, interoperability
  • UX and UI modernization for an awesome user experience on web and mobile
  • Enable AI and data driven decision making on large datasets using powerful visual dashboards
  • Automate testing of workflows to increase reliability, reduce cost and ensure performance at scale
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines for development, testing and deployment
  • Automation of monitoring and notifications in production systems in distributed environments


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