Skilled and Qualified Units for Agile Development


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions and services for the ‘Development Sector’ require additional attention and care, to ensure that they can surpass geographical, linguistic, connectivity and literacy barriers. There are multiple considerations for building, launching, sustaining and scaling ICT4D initiatives:

  • The software tools used have to be free and open source.
  • The data has to be safe and secure.
  • A robust reporting mechanism.
  • The solution has to be scalable and interoperable.
  • The software and solution needs to be maintained and kept up-to-date.

BeeHyv has deep expertise in working with government agencies, NGOs, Universities and Donor organisations to develop, deploy and support large scale ICT4D deployed in data centers and on cloud. Our project management team is proficient in gathering requirements, proposing solutions and getting sign-off from all stakeholders swiftly. Coupled with our expertise in open source software development, we have a perfect basket of services to support ICT4D initiatives.


We also have extensive experience in supporting ICT4D programs, on site and remotely. Our support team is proficient in setting up health monitoring systems, upgrading third-party and in-house softwares, responding quickly to ad-hoc requests and surpassing SLAs.

Our SQUADs enable the ICT4D programs by:

  • Building solutions that implement best open source development practices.
  • Providing strong technical program management and stakeholder management.
  • Upgrading existing solutions and platforms to latest technologies.
  • Ensuring the domain information is retained by the solution.
  • Building high-performance MIS using open source tools.
  • Building IVR and SMS based interfaces and integrations.
  • Designing infrastructure and application architecture for high-availability and redundancy.
  • Deploying hardware and software at government data centres and cloud.

Additional Capabilities

  • Network administration – Servers, Load Balancers, Firewalls, Switches, Routers and IP Configurations.
  • System administration – Operating Systems, Web & Application Servers, Software Load Balancers, Databases and Health Monitoring Systems.
  • Application Support – Generate ad-hoc reports, Root-cause analysis, Data quality checks, Automated Alerts and System Logs.
  • Testing – Create automation tests, unit tests and integration tests and perform manual testing for each deployment.
  • DHIS 2
  • Oppia Mobile
  • CommCare
  • Apache Superset
  • Pentaho
  • BIRT
  • Java
  • Python & PHP
  • Angular
  • ReactJS & JQuery
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Ionic & React Native
  • AWS
  • Azure and GCP

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