Generative AI and Machine Learning

Generative AI and Machine Learning

BeeHyv has deep expertise in building products leveraging latest technological advancements in Generative AI and Machine Learning (ML). We have utilized these cutting-edge technologies to build conversational AI and chatbots, automated data insights and retrieval augmented generation. Products we have built are for verticals such as healthcare, e-commerce, supply-chain. We foster a culture of continuous learning, ensuring that our team remains at the cutting edge of AI advancements to integrate the latest and most effective technologies into our solutions. 

Our offerings and the problems we solve

  • Knowledge Extraction and Management: Drawing out actionable insights from a wide array of textual and video data to facilitate streamlined knowledge management.
  • Data Clustering, Embeddings, and Vector Databases: Utilizing advanced data clustering, embeddings, and vector database technologies to decode complex datasets and power enhanced information retrieval systems.
  • Advanced Search Solutions with RAG: Developing state-of-the-art search solutions using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and innovative frameworks like Langchain for comprehensive data access and knowledgeable responses.
  • Natural Language Understanding and Generation: Harnessing sophisticated language models for deep text interpretation and generation, enabling effective communication and engagement.
  • Conversational AI and Chatbots: Engineering cutting-edge conversational interfaces and chatbots that deliver natural, human-like interactions via large language models.
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Employing AI to forecast future scenarios and provide well-founded prescriptive guidance for informed decision-making.
  • AI Model Fine-Tuning and Evaluation: Diligently fine-tuning AI models to specific domains and rigorously evaluating them to ensure superior functionality and accuracy.
  • Leveraging Cloud-Based ML Services: Exploiting the scalability of cloud-based machine learning platforms to rapidly advance AI initiatives, underpinned by sturdy infrastructure.
  • Utilizing Cutting-Edge AI Developments: Keeping ahead of the technological curve by adopting the latest AI frameworks and methodologies to deliver innovative and forward-thinking AI solutions.
  • Custom AI Solutions: Tailoring transformer-based AI models to meet unique industry challenges and integrating them seamlessly into client ecosystems for bespoke applications.


  • Machine Learning Engineering: Building, fine-tuning, and deploying machine learning models that evolve with your business, ensuring dynamic, data-driven solutions.
  • Data Science and Analytics: Converting data into actionable insights with sophisticated analytics that drive strategic decisions.
  • NLP and Generative AI: Developing cutting-edge NLP and generative AI models for realistic and impactful user interactions.
  • Prompt Engineering and Model Tuning: Specializing in precise AI model guidance and continuous performance tuning for specific tasks.
  • Transformative Strategies with Transformers: Pioneering with transformer models to innovate NLP tasks, setting new standards in AI communication.

Technologies, Platforms and Frameworks



Google BERT

Google Vertex AI

AWS Bedrock

ML Flow

AWS Sagemaker


Hugging Face







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