Frontend (Web) development

Frontend (Web) development

With BeeHyv’s Agile approach, we help drive innovation within product firms and enterprises by building intuitive, sleek, and elegant User Experiences and User Interfaces.

Our user experience engineers help you design compelling user interfaces for your applications that take care of usability, aesthetics, information organization, and performance.  Our design process ensures that the system design offers a great experience to users by embracing the principles of human-computer interaction and analyzing the application flows.  We have experienced UX professionals who can provide high-quality Visual Designs, Interaction Models, and UI Prototypes/Wireframes.

Front-end web development, also known as client-side development, is the practice of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them directly. The challenge associated with frontend development is that the tools and techniques used to create the front end of a website change constantly and so the developer needs to be up to date with the latest technologies.

Our offerings and the problems we solve

  • Design intuitive and world class user Interfaces.
    • Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers.
    • Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps.
    • Design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs and widgets.
    • Build page navigation buttons and search fields.
    • Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like.
    • Create original graphic designs (e.g. images, sketches and tables).
    • Prepare and present rough drafts to internal teams and key stakeholders.
    • Identify and troubleshoot UX problems (e.g. responsiveness).
    • Conduct layout adjustments based on user feedback.
    • Adhere to style standards on fonts, colors and images.
  • Building User Interfaces that are compatible with all browsers and resolutions
  • Design and developing Hybrid apps which will be compatible with mobile operating systems as well as Web browsers
  • Designing and developing dashboards, charts and visualizations
  • Design applications leveraging  suitable frameworks like React, Angular, Vue etc.,
  • Re-platforming of legacy enterprise applications taking complexities of background jobs, multiple applications and systems into consideration in a seamless fashion.
    • Migrating UI/UX to the latest frameworks with test driven development and maximum code coverage
    • Optimizing the traditional data fetch mechanisms for better User Experience like data fetch with Data Workers and maintaining a client side Store.  
    • Integrations with on the fly dashboards with ETL and analytics data like Kibana Dashboards.
    • Extensive experience in building configuration driven UI applications
    • Extensive experience in implementing Internationalization to existing applications
    • Upgrading technologies used in applications taking security, modularity, cost, scalability and performance into consideration


  • Designing user interfaces using industry standard and popular tools like Figma, Sketch, Adobe eXperience Design and Adobe Illustrator 
  • Various UI Frameworks and libraries – Angular, React, Vue to name a few
  • UI Templating and building reusable components for Responsive Web Applications
  • Deep understanding of cross browser compatibility issues and ways to work around such issues.
  • Deep expertise in Javascript, its quirks and workarounds.
  • Understanding of browser rendering behavior and performance.
  • Familiarity with module loaders such as Require.
  • Skilled in using frontend build tools like Grunt, Gulp, Webpack.
  • Creating unit and integration tests using Jest and protractor.
  • Extensive experience in building dashboards and visualizations using popular open source libraries like D3JS.
  • Task runners
  • Internationalization Support
  • Rich Text Editors

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