Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

With BeeHyv’s Agile and DevOps-centric approach, we help drive innovation within product firms and enterprises.

Enterprise applications are designed to solve specific business problems. They often need to address complex functional requirements and support a large user base with multiple roles for different business functions. They need to be designed with intuitive and responsive interfaces and with scalable and easily extensible backend systems that are deployed on the enterprise’s cloud or within the corporate network.

Our offerings and the problems we solve

  • Design and implement application platforms
  • Build enterprise application suite consisting of multiple applications interacting
    asynchronously, over HTTP, RPC and other protocols
  • Design and develop cloud-native, stream-native, secure and distributed secure
    enterprise applications
  • Design applications leveraging relational databases, search engines, Document
    databases and columnar databases based on the use-case.
  • Re-platforming of legacy enterprise applications taking complexities of background jobs,
    multiple applications and systems into consideration in a seamless fashion.

    • Migrating UI/UX to the latest frameworks
    • Migrating infrastructure to cloud platforms.
    • Modernization of authentication, authorization mechanisms to use latest technologies and protocols like Kerberos, AD, LDAP , SAML, OAuth KeyVault
    • Setup ETL and Analytics databases for visualizations and data-driven decision making
    • Setup CI/CD pipelines for managing infrastructure and release cycles.
    • Upgrading technologies used in applications taking security, modularity, cost, scalability and performance into consideration


  • Extensive experience with Infrastructure automation tools and deployment pipelines
  • Experience in evaluating architectures and suggesting best practices and enhancements.
  • Experience in architecturing migration of enterprise applications to the cloud
  • Experience in creation of test infrastructure, test data and perform performance benchmarking and capacity planning.
  • Extensive experience in working with NoSQL and SQL databases, event streams and
    distributed computing.
  • Experience in implementing applications adhering to industry standards of security

Technologies, Platforms and Frameworks

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