DevOps Squad

Skilled and Qualified Units for Agile Development


With our DevOps SQUADs, we help our customers achieve delivery efficiencies and improved quality by automating build, test and deployment processes. Automated processes help improve agility and /bridge gaps between development, operation, IT activities and teams. Operational efficiencies are also gained by managing infrastructure costs well.

What the SQUAD does and the problems it solves

  • Define DevOps strategy for products and enterprise applications
  • Design and implement CI/CD pipelines
  • Evaluate current DevOps setup if any, identify gaps and improvements, implement recommended changes
  • Automate building, testing and deployment of applications
    • Automated setup of environments – dev, test, staging and production
    • Setting up build and test pipelines
    • Containerization, Deployment and configuration automation
    • Automated setup of VPCs, domains/subdomains, gateways, load balancers and other cloud infrastructure
    • Setup automated container orchestration to ensure auto-scaling, high availability and resilience


  • Designing efficient build, test and deployment pipelines with complex dependencies
  • Highly scalable architectures
  • Automating infrastructure management with terraform, cloud formation and others
  • Extensive experience in working with AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Containerization and container orchestration with Docker, Kubernetes, Helm etc.
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Github
  • Jenkins
  • Bamboo
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • Azure DevOps
  • Chef, Puppet
  • CloudFormation
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker Swarm
  • Helm

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