Custom SQUAD

Skilled and Qualified Units for Agile Development

Custom SQUAD

If you need a skilled team of engineers on demand that can work on your product releases like your extended team, this is the SQUAD for you. We can pick and assemble the right set of people based on your requirements. This is the standard engagement model for most of our customers.

What it means to you?

  • Highly skilled people
  • Right level of experience
  • Complement your existing team

What are the benefits?

  • Skilled engineers on latest frameworks to build a robust platform based on the best design practices.
  • Wide range of expertise catering to your needs throughout your product’s lifecycle.
  • On time delivery
  • Exceptional problem solving capability
  • Scale up on demand, start-up like agility
  • High quality and less rework

What are the added benefits?

  • Access to SMEs on demand
  • Access to tools, frameworks on demand

What is the engagement model?

  • End-to-end development of your entire product or as an extended team working closely with your product development team.
  • BeeHyv is responsible for delivery versus an individual. Minimal risk to customers due to redundancies built into the team.
  • The team scales as your needs grow.
  • Flexible to changing requirements – agile development.
  • Resources billed monthly.
  • Access to SMEs on demand.

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