Case Studies

Vigilant Solutions:

Vigilant Solutions ( is the premier developer of Real-Time Location and Security Solutions. The company's RTLS Security Visualization solution is used to precisely track the location and condition of valuable assets, inventory and personnel and provide roll based event management. Vigilant Solutions and its partners have developed solutions that are used in many industry environments including health care, defense, manufacturing, entertainment, transportation, information technology and homeland security.

Vigilant – Point of Access is a security software that allows managing and tracking visitors to a particular building. A building could have multiple entrances and exits and Vigilant supports tracking entry, exit, ID cards etc. of visitors. This software is deployed on workstations at different locations and a centralized server manages these locations.



BeeHyv Software undertook the conversion of the existing software from a Windows Forms application written in VB.Net to an ASP.Net web application. The existing desktop application has a very rich user interface with a number of advanced features. One of the core requirements for this application was that it should have a UI as rich as the Windows application.  Building a web browser based interface with the same set of advanced features was a challenging task. A web application is usually much less responsive than a desktop application because most of the actual processing is done on the server. There is usually some delay caused by the network between the client and the server.



BeeHyv developed an AJAX based ASP.NET application that satisfied all the requirements for the user interface. Advanced controls from the AJAX control toolkit were used along with Infragistics web controls to develop a Web 2.0 application that was both responsive and rich.



  • BeeHyv was able to develop an advanced ASP.NET application with all the functionality of the Windows version of the product using the latest technologies.
  • The web based product developed by BeeHyv was as responsive as the Windows counterpart. The UI was crisp and clean.
  • Use of industry standard best practices and OOPS methodology ensured the maintainability of the product.  The product is also very scalable.
  • BeeHyv was able to develop a complex product out of its India Development Center for this customer in the US.  The customer benefited due to lower cost of development. BeeHyv delivered a world class product of high quality.